What is a Group Discount and how do I create one?

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A Group Discount (or Category discount) gives a discount to all of the items in a category on the price sheet. For example, you can set a discount for 15% off of any items in the Prints category. 

Group Discounts can be Automatic or Promo Code based. Automatic discounts apply to all eligible items in a cart automatically, while Promo Code discounts require that the client enter a Promo Code in the cart or at checkout in order to receive the discount. 

Create a Group Discount

  1. Go to Commerce > Pricing

  2. Select the price sheet where you’d like to add the discount

  3. Click Add New Discount > Create in line with Group Discount

  4. Choose whether it is an Automatic or Promo Code discount

  5. Select the item category(s) you'd like to discount and click Next

  6. Set up the discount requirements

    • Set how many items they will need to purchase from a category to get the discount. 
    • Choose if the discount will be a dollar amount or percentage off, a specific price for each, or make the items free.
    • Optionally set a limit on how many times the discount can be applied per checkout. If left blank, the client can use it as many times as applicable per checkout.

  7. Click Save

Group Discount Setup.gif