What is a Credit Discount and how can I create one?

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Credit Discounts give your client a dollar amount discount or free shipping on an order. This is the best type of discount to use if your client pre-paid for an order, or if you give clients a print credit with their session fee.  

Credit Discounts are always promo code-based, and require that the client enter a Promo Code in the cart or at checkout in order to receive the discount. If they don't use the entire amount of the discount when they check out, they forfeit the balance of the credit. 

The credit amount will apply to the entire order and cannot be set to only apply to certain items or groups. 


Create a Credit Discount

  1. Go to Store > Price Sheets

  2. Select the price sheet where you’d like to add the discount

  3. Click Add New Discount > Create in line with Credit Discount

  4. Enter a promo code

  5. Optionally choose to limit the promo code use and set an expiration date

    • The limit set here means the times overall that a Credit Discount can be used. 

  6. Click Next 

  7. Set either the dollar amount you'd like to issue or select Free Shipping

  8. Click Save

Credit Setup.gif