What is a Multi-Item Discount and how can I create one?

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Multi-Item Discounts apply to "bundled" items in a shopping cart. While Packages are a more client-friendly way to sell bundled items, a Multi-Item Discount is useful for situations where you want to limit the number of bundles a client can purchase or if you want to give clients options within a bundle (for example, allowing them to choose between multiple paper types).

Multi-Item Discounts can be Automatic or Promo Code based. Automatic discounts apply to all eligible items in a cart automatically, while Promo Code discounts require that the client enter a Promo Code in the cart or at checkout in order to receive the discount. 


Create a Multi-Item Discount

  1. Go to Store > Price Sheets

  2. Select the price sheet where you’d like to add the discount

  3. Click Add New Discount > Create in line with Multi-Item Discount

  4. Choose whether it is an Automatic or Promo Code discount

  5. Set the quantity limit, price, and optional shipping price 
    • The quantity limits set how many times the discount bundle can be applied per checkout. If you want the client to be able to purchase the bundle as many times as they want, leave this box blank.
    • If you set a shipping price, that will replace the shipping cost set on the price sheet. 

  6. Create the bundle
    • Check the box next to the add item you want to add, put the quantity you want them to get, and click Add.
    • If you want your client to be able to select from multiple items, check multiple items, add the number you want them to get, and click Add. This allows your client to decide what amount of each item they want within that bundle.

  7. Click Save

Multi Item Setup.gif

This is an example of a multi-item discount where the client can choose two 4x6's and two 5x7's in either deep matte or standard paper types.