What file types and sizes are accepted?

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File Type

All of your photos need to be JPEG (.jpg) files.

Photos should also be in the sRGB color space. Uploading files in a different color profile may affect how your photos are displayed in the galleries concerning color and vibrancy, as well as impact printing. 

Be sure your file names do not have special characters in them. We also recommend using file names without spaces, if possible.

File Size

The images you upload to ShootProof can be up to 50MB each and no larger than 100 MP in size. (The megapixels an image has can be calculated by multiplying the width in pixels by the height in pixels of the file.)

Files should be at least 3000 pixels on the longest side to ensure they take up the maximum viewing space in the gallery, but higher-resolution files are not necessary. If your images are larger than 3000 pixels on the longest side, ShootProof will resize the image displayed in the gallery to optimize loading times, while (of course) preserving the quality. 

The smaller your file size, the faster your images will upload, so you may choose to compress your files a bit. If you are using ShootProof to back up your photos, you may wish to upload the full-resolution files.

We store your photos in the original size that you upload them, so if you download your photos back to your computer, or sell the original resolution digital download, they will always be the exact files you uploaded.

How to Determine File Type and Size

If you are unsure of the size, file type, or color space of an image, you can find that in the file info section. See below for how to find that on Apple and Windows computers. 

Apple users:

Windows users: