How do I offer my clients discounts on their gallery purchases?

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*This feature is not available in all plans. To see the different plans or make changes to your plan, go to the Plan & Billing tab in your account.

ShootProof provides an extensive discounting system within your price sheets. Discounts can be set up as Automatic or Promo Code-based.

Automatic discounts apply to all eligible items in a cart automatically upon checkout, while Promo Code discounts require clients to enter a Promo Code in the Shopping Cart or on the Checkout page in order to receive the discount. 

After viewing the Introduction video, explore each type of discount in more detail by clicking each of the Discount Types below.


Discount Types

Helpful Hints

  • TEST your discounts to be sure they're working the way you intended.

  • When you limit the use of a discount, the limit applies to the number of times the discount can be used in total, not the number of times per customer or per cart.

  • In the shopping cart, if you have multiple discounts that are applicable, the discount that is the best value to the customer will be applied.
  • It can be helpful to read the discount description that is auto-generated aloud to make sure it says what you intend the discount to give. The computer is very literal, so if your discount reads "buy 5 prints for $10 each," your client will not get a discount on four or three prints.
  • Discounts cannot be stacked. This means that once certain items qualify the client for one of your discounts, those same items cannot be used to qualify them for another discount.
  • Your client CAN use a Credit-type discount with another discount, and can also use multiple Credit-type discounts on one order.

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