Using "Vendor Albums"

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Vendor albums were designed with the busy photographer in mind!

When you create a Vendor Album within a gallery, you can send a direct link to that Album and know that the person viewing the photos does not have access to the rest of the gallery.

This means that you can upload photos one time to a gallery, rather than being forced to make separate galleries for your clients and their vendors (or for multiple vendors!).

Here are some scenarios in which a Vendor Album may work for you:

  • You're a wedding photographer who gives vendors (florists, caterers, etc.) free low-res, watermarked versions of the photos you took of their products during the ceremony or reception.
  • You'd like an event venue (catering hall, for example) to see your photos, but only want them to see specific images and not the entire gallery.
  • You're building a relationship with several small businesses, so you trade images of their products in use at a portrait session for their word-of-mouth referrals. However, you do not want each business to see the photos you've taken of the other business's products.

Setting Up a Vendor Album

  1. Within the gallery, click the Add Albums button and add & name the album

  2. Within the album itself, click Album Settings

  3. Turn on the Set as Vendor Album option

  4. Click Save


Customizing Free Digital Permissions for a Vendor Album

Use Vendor Albums to give a specific person access to free digital downloads, without giving them access to the rest of the gallery.  

  1. Go to Photos > Galleries > Actions > Gallery Settings > Free Digitals

  2. Click Create Free Digital Rule > Visitors to a Specific Album

  3. Select a template that we've created, or create your own rule by creating a Rule Name.

  4. Indicate whether a PIN is needed to download, and define the size and quantity of images that may be downloaded. Also indicate whether you want a "Download All" button in the Album, whether a logo should be applied to the downloads, and optionally include a Print Release. From the Album dropdown, select the Vendor Album.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Save the settings by clicking Save in the top right corner 

Sharing a Vendor Album

  1. Within the album itself, go to  More Actions > Share Album

  2. Customize the email, including the recipient's email address

  3. Click Send