Can I update settings for multiple galleries?

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Use Bulk Actions to update settings for multiple galleries at once.

To use the Bulk Actions option:

1. Go to Photos > Galleries

2. Use Select to pick the galleries you need to update the settings for:

  • If your Galleries page is in the grid view, Select is just below each gallery
  • If your Galleries page is in the list view, Select is the bubble to the left of your gallery name

3. Click Actions in the top right and choose Bulk Actions


4. Update the settings for your selected galleries in the General/Advanced areas and click Apply Changes to make these updates


There are two sections of settings that you can update in the Bulk Actions: General Settings and Advanced Settings.

In the General Settings tab, you can:

  • Enable and disable Marketing Banners
  • Change the gallery status and access settings
  • Change the Order Due Date and/or Gallery Expiration Date
  • Select a Price Sheet
  • Allow clients to comment on items in the Shopping Cart
  • Set the image size and spacing 
  • Add or remove Gallery Intro Messages

The Advanced Settings tab allows you to: