What are Email Campaigns and how do I send them to gallery visitors?

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Email Campaigns allow you to pre-schedule emails to send to your gallery visitors at different points in the lifecycle of their gallery. You can create your own email campaign from scratch using templates you’ve created, or use a ShootProof email campaign crafted by our team.


There are 3 types of Email Campaigns to choose from:

  • Custom Date-Based Email Campaigns: This type of campaign allows you to choose specific dates to automatically send emails. - Perfect for promoting holiday sales or celebrating occasions like client birthdays or anniversaries with follow-up emails.
  • Custom Trigger-Based Email Campaigns: This type of email campaign allows you to schedule emails  to send based on a certain number of days before or after certain gallery trigger dates, like Expiration Date, Gallery Release Date, or Order Due date. 
  • ShootProof Email Campaigns: This type of email campaign is a series of emails, based on photography genre, pre-written and pre-scheduled to send automatically, based on gallery expiration dates. If you need a little help getting started writing your emails, this is the best option for you!


Email Campaign Tips and Tricks

  • If you choose to set your template to send today, but your Send Time is set earlier in the day, you will be prompted to pick a time in the future. 
  • If you plan to use the same email campaign for more galleries moving forward, you may consider adding it to one of your Gallery Presets. Learn more about Gallery Presets here.
  • Email campaigns are brand-specific. If you have more than one brand in your account, you can create separate campaigns for each brand.
  • The Send Time is specific to your current brand and determines the time of the day that all campaign emails send. By default, campaign emails will send shortly after 9:00am (in the timezone of the brand the campaign is created within).
  • Send Time refers to the time the emails will be added to the email queue. If you do not see your emails sending at exactly the time you choose, don't worry, they will send shortly!
  • Before making changes to an existing campaign, consider the galleries that the campaign is assigned to. If you add emails to a series or make adjustments to a series that is already in use, those galleries may be affected. 



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