How do I use albums?

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Albums are folders that you can set up within a gallery. For example, if the Smith Wedding is your gallery, you might have albums for Ceremony, Reception, etc. For a sporting event, a photographer might set up albums for each team, game, and/or day of a tournament.

Photos that have been sorted into albums will still remain in the All Photos view for the gallery, as well. If you'd like your clients to only see the photos organized into albums, you can go to the Advanced tab of the Gallery Settings and toggle on the Hide the “All Photos” album option.  

Need to share or deliver files to just a vendor? Check out our other article here on creating vendor albums.


Create an Album

  1. Go to Photos > Galleries > Choose the gallery

  2. Click the Add Albums button and name your album

  3. You have a couple of options here:

    • You can toggle the option to Password-protect this album to add a password 
    • You can toggle on the option to set this album up as a Vendor Album
    • You can click Save Album and Create Another to make this album and start on a new one

  4. Click Add Album to create your album and close this window

Add Photos to an Album

To upload photos directly into the album:

  1. Click the name of the album

  2. Add Photos button in the top right

To add photos already uploaded to the gallery:

  1. Click All Photos

  2. Select the photos 

    • Select a group of photos at once by selecting one, holding the Shift key, and then the last one in the group
  3. Then either drag them to the album on the left or click Actions > Add to Album on one of the selected photos

Rearrange Albums

  1. Click on Manage Albums on the left side of the page

  2. Drag and drop the albums into the order you want

Auto-Generate Passwords for Albums

  1. Go to Photos > Galleries > click on the specific gallery

  2. Click on Manage Albums (on the left side of the page)

  3. Click Generate Passwords in the top right

  4. Select the albums you want randomized passwords assigned to

  5. Click the Generate Passwords button

Even More Helpful Hints

  • Photos that have been sorted into albums will still remain in the All Photos view for the gallery as well. Deleting an album will NOT delete the photos in the album.

  • An album can contain either photos or sub-albums, but not both. You can add a sub-album to an album by clicking into the album and then clicking Add Sub-Album in the top right.

  • The More Options button on the Manage Albums view will allow you to sort albums alphabetically, generate automatic passwords for the albums, and download a CSV file of album passwords.

  • Click All Photos Not in Albums to view the photos that have not been sorted into albums. Photos that are not sorted into an album will still show in the All Photos album, if you have that album enabled.