What are all of the gallery settings options?

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*This feature is not available in all plans. To see the different plans or make changes to your plan, go to the Plan & Billing tab in your account.

Clicking Gallery Settings while in a gallery will enable you to change the settings for this particular gallery. Here are some details about what each of these different options will do:


This section allows you to control when a gallery will be accessible and set a custom link. 


Makes the gallery live and viewable


The gallery is not live and is not viewable


Allows you to collect visitor email addresses before the gallery is active


Shoot Date

The date of the event or photoshoot. By default, this is the date of your upload.

Expiration Date

At 11:59 pm, on this date (in your studio's time zone), the gallery will become inactive.

Order Due Date

Use this date in gallery email templates and for email automation sent to gallery visitors to remind your clients that their ordering period is ending.
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Release Date

A gallery set to Inactive / Pre-Released will automatically be released (made live for viewing) on this date.



Create a customized URL for the gallery



Control the way your images are displayed to your clients. 

Intro Page Layout

Choose a layout to invite your clients into their gallery

Photo Pages

Select how you’d like photos to be displayed in the gallery

Image Size

Select between Large, Medium, and Small to determine how you would like your images to display in your client gallery.

Image Spacing

Select between Large, Medium, and Small to determine how much space you would like to see between the images in this gallery.
Gallery Intro Message

Choose to welcome visitors with a text or video message. These messages will display as visitors enter the gallery.
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Give your gallery some color, additional options, and music!

Color Set

Select your color set. Color sets determine the fonts, color scheme, and logo displayed in the gallery. 
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Choose a language for text inside the client gallery

Show Filenames

Turn filename visibility on or off in the gallery

Add Music Playlist

If you have a music plan, choose a playlist and select whether music automatically plays (or not) when entering the gallery.

Allow Social Sharing

Show or hide social share options and enter sample text that will accompany the photos when a visitor shares on social media.

Black & White Filtering

Allow clients to view and order black & white versions of the gallery photos.

Homepage Link

Set the website to which visitors will be sent when they click the “Website” link in the Info tab of the gallery.


Access & Privacy

Control how your clients will access the gallery. 

Gallery Access

Designate the gallery as public or private
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Only visitors with the password will be permitted to enter the gallery

Require visitors to enter an email address

Require all visitors to enter their email addresses to enter the gallery. This allows you to track visitor activity!
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Free Digitals

Allow your clients to download images from the gallery. You can take advantage of rules that we've created for you, or customize the digital rules for your clients here. 

You can add a custom print release to each rule you create.

Learn more about all of the Free Digitals options here!


Free Digitals rules that are set on the Gallery level are available to all visitors to the gallery unless you use a PIN to limit access.
(Vendor albums will not have access to gallery-level rules.) 

Linked Contact

Linked Contacts can have their own special set of rules for free digitals.
(Keep in mind, the Linked Contact also has access to the free digitals that are set on the gallery level.)


Set rules on each album you have created in the gallery. Gallery visitors will have access to album-level free digitals in addition to the gallery-level rules.


Shopping Cart

This section allows you to add a shopping cart to your gallery and set additional options.
*If you plan to accept credit card payment, be sure that you have a payment gateway in place. Without a payment gateway, clients can create orders without payment. Learn more

Use Shopping Cart

Toggle this one to add a shopping cart option to your gallery. Toggling this on reveals additional options. 

Price Sheet

Assign a price sheet to your gallery. The items on this price sheet will be available at the prices you've set for visitors to purchase.
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Minimum Order Amount (optional)

Set an optional minimum order amount. Customers will not be able to place an order if the total does not reach this amount.

Show “Buy All” Button

Gives clients the option to add all photos to the shopping cart at once. Turn this option on if your client is looking to buy proof of every photo in the gallery. 

Allow client to Pay Later

Allow the option to skip payment at checkout. For example, your client might pay in cash or by check outside of ShootProof.

Allow pick-up only

Clients will not be charged for shipping. Use this option if clients will be picking up their orders from you.

Allow ship-to-client only

Shipping fee set on your selected price sheet will apply.

Allow client to choose pick-up or shipping

Clients can choose to pick up their orders (no shipping charge will be applied) or have their orders shipped to them (shipping will apply if you’ve set up shipping rates on the price sheet.)

Optional Message Shown at Checkout

This text will be shown in the shopping cart.

Deliver a Print Release

Toggle on this option to deliver a print release with your PAID digital download established within your price sheets. Use the text field to craft your print release to be delivered as a PDF when your client receives his/her purchased digital files.



As the name implies, these settings are probably not for every gallery. When in doubt, contact Support.

Hide the “All Photos” album

Hide the All Photos album from your clients. (Use this option when you only wish for visitors to see photos you’ve sorted into albums.)

Hide Album Photo Count

Keep the number of images held within an album hidden within the client view

Hide albums within gallery

This setting will hide the albums within the gallery from each other. You should ONLY use this setting if you are going to send a direct Album link to your client(s).
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Contact Support to activate this feature.

Add to Category

Choose the category this gallery should live in. 
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Automatically send gallery to Archive after expiration

Automatically archive this gallery after it expires
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Send Email Campaigns

Choose an Email Campaign to send gallery visitors
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Set Album Cover Images automatically

ShootProof can select a photo from each album to be the cover image during upload. You can always choose a different photo later.
The Desktop Uploader is the best tool for uploading larger galleries, or galleries with a lot of albums.
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EXIF Search Label

Contact Support to activate this feature.
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